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The NewYorkpreneur.

I attended a conference on Raising Capital in Fashion & Retail last week with an awesome panel and a super amazing host. Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, Co-Founder & CEO of Fitz, Joyce Greenberg of Triangle Capital & Collins P.Ward of Lee Equity Partners. The moderator was Sumeet Shah of Brand Foundry. The event was hosted by Harvard Business Club of New York. 

The NewYorkpreneur is an entrepreneur, who created & builds  his/her business idea on the city's ecosystem. The fundamental way a business is constructed, the accelerators which give a good push to their cohort companies with network and funding leads, the access to investors of various sizes, but more than anything, the environment in NYC is about winning. Energy is focused on execution in small baby steps, and businesses grow and scale rapidly. The panel discussion last week was another proof to a NewYorkpreneur as I call companies which grow and scale here. The more time I spent here, the more I understand the New York ecosystem and understand the culture of the city, the more I am convinced of the pure advantages of starting or leveraging on this city's entrepreneurial work culture. 

Like no other entrepreneur - the NewYorkpreneur.

Written by Simrita Dhillon