Market Entry Specialists


Strategic + Business Plans for International brands & partners.



As India fast growing consumer market, and GDP grows, the market becomes attractive for relevant International Brands. Although the market is attractive, navigating the complex but huge Indian Market is essential with seasoned, and highly professional experts like us. SANDA has proven track record, having worked on setting the structure for Ermenegildo Zegna, Hugo Boss, and advised on Marvin Traub Associates on strategic issues such as pricing, custom duties, retail locations, pr agency + marketing, operation team and merchandising. 


Deal Flow of Italian Fashion Brands of all revenue brackets from 10 Million Euros to a 100 Million Euros looking for Capital infusion, sale of ownership, mergers & acquisitions. We work with investment banks in Italy + some law firms to have real time deal flow from the Italian market. Along with our partner investment banks we do deep dive 'due diligence' of the business, the scope of scaling the brand, its ownership thesis, and valuation models. Working with Fashion Star Executives, the relationships are with the owners of these Fashion Companies gives the sales & investment process speed, authenticity and accuracy. 


Building our own consumer brand in the Indian Market gives us a direct contact & pulse of the consumer tastes & preferences & propensity to buy international brands, and at what price points. We have worked on both the Luxury + the mass market consumer segments in India. We have knowledge of the millenial markets, the digital consumer & retail consumer. This infrormation changes rapidly in real-time on the ground. Our researchers at MISB Bocconi, Mumbai continously work on data on the market in various segments such as furniture, cosmetics, jewelry, apparel and luxury.  


We have a good sense of what brands would appeal to the Indian Consumer. However, we run an in-depth research for the brand of interest, with focus groups at  our affiliate Business School MISB Bocconi in Mumbai. We then, work on the presentation materials for the brand, and an executive summary and pitch it to partners. The dialogue starts and negotiation on the structure of the partnership is developed with the principals and the partners. Kicking the business off the ground, we get involved as 'Brand Custodian' and the eyes and ears on the ground.


We have relationships with strategic investors who are keen to view disruptive ideas. Capital Raise & Strategic JV are pivotal to the success of these amazing innovative ideas. For many of these, we like to own shares in them too as these are the next decade's big ideas. This is one part we are really excited about working on, to spot a success and see it grow. We have capital raised for a few curated fashnext ideas that you will see grow in the next 10 year horizon. 

M & A 

Boutique and curated companies likes ours have seen a benefit it brings to an M&A deal. We can look at a potential operation from a strategic angle and the financial analysis of the business. We have a rolodex of PE funds invested in Fashion & Furniture businesses where we present new targets for acquisition evaluation or sometimes business planning & business strategy for portfolio companies to grow in new geographies. Working alongside these fund managers and industry experts makes 'bespoke' deal materialize seamlessly.  


India is going digital in the next decade. Marketplaces are a channel for the future and all fashion brands interested in the market, have to focus on accessing these channels. SANDA has strong know-how to make a business go online in India. We have relationships with photo studio's + Cataloging freelancers and optimization digital experts. We have in-house expertise too in this segment. India has a bevy of digital + web talent that we keep an eye on, to on-board on case by case basis. We have partnership with India's capable logistics + warehousing  companies for growth on e.Commerce.   


Considering our origins in manufacturing for past 7 years, we have the experience, capability and know-how to source from India garment production, whether it is knits, woven, accessories and embroideries. Our direct factory relationships in Bhiwandi Hub and other districts in India keep us dependable and trusted networks into the region. Navigating factories can be ardous & challenging process which we refine and streamline taking care of quality controls, delivery timelines, Shipment & logistics and pricing. 


The startup and small business marketplace is still a new and fierce frontier that requires business advice from experts who are deeply entrenched in the particulars of the market reality. We offer a competitive advantage that can help you save money and make more of it in the long run. We’ve steered brands like Ermenegildo Zegna and Hugo Boss with a balance of  business, operational, and marketing strategies that had clear execution and built-in problem-solving contingencies. Our holistic approach is essential to any company looking to grow in new markets.  

— Simrita DHILLON