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Speed in Sourcing

Having been a  director at SIGPL, a garment manufacturer in India since 2010, I have been a witness to the garment manufacturing sector, and the space that I identified with is the opportunity as a sourcing agent.

In India, there are of course a lot of 'buying agencies'.  When we worked with some at SIGPL, their ethical standards were questionable and our interactions with them unpleasant. 

 Pivoting into an agency has been an extremely satisfying experience, working with hand-picked manufacturers & keeping the control on design & prototyping by keeping those capabilities in-house. 

 With the pressures of eCommerce, there is a need for manufacturers to upgrade their offering including constant additions of capital intensive technology.  Innovation & speed will be the differentiator and the manufacturer constantly has to give its customer 'more' speed to market. An agent who can keep an eye on the capital flow for a manufacturer and work as a partner both with the manufacturer and its international client is in a unique position in this over-saturated market which needs a fresh approach.
At SANDA SOURCE, we do work out in the best interest of the Indian Manufacturer the lines of credit, the bank guarantees and perhaps factoring which is a novel concept in India. SANDA SOURCE comes with understanding the pain-points of the manufacturer.

  SANDA SOURCE brings this fresh professionalism to a staid 'rag trade'. We offer financial agility, ROI, speed to market, and create a calibrated equation of expectation from the clients to the manufacturer, all in a very transparent way. 

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