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India's Elephant Dance Report 2018

Last year, when SANDA published India's Elephant Dance report, we got very good feedback from our readers. So, following the cue, we bring a snap-shot 2018 for our readers. 

On India's  72st Independence year falls on August 15,2018:  SANDA highlights some take-aways of  Ridham Desai, MD, Morgan Stanley's India's report published last year.

Quick bytes:  India's economy will grow 3X to 6 Trillion by 2027, becoming the Top 5 economy in the world. 

The Per Capital Income will grow from USD 1700 to USD 4100 by 2027. High Middle Income to expand and thus have a big impact on consumption. 

The sensex FY27 estimate is base 100000. Currently the sensex is at 37800. 

India to Leapfrog into the Digital Age, Banks will lend on Cash flow, instead of assets backed. Digital Penetration will lead to increase in online shoppers, to about 475 million. 

In the center of it all - is the Indian Consumer and the consumption story

Are you planning a market entry to this Trillion Dollar economy, touted amongst the Top 5? 

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