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Tmall's Luxury Pavilion reports a fantastic average spend per consumer since site launch.

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has disclosed the first results of Luxury Pavilion, the luxury goods website it launched last August within Tmall, whose services are expanding via a newly hatched loyalty programme.

Luxury Pavilion has reportedly reached an audience of 100,000 users, attracted by the fifty or so luxury and high-end labels it features, among them Burberry, Hugo Boss, Givenchy, Guerlain and Maserati.

According to Tmall’s latest estimates, Luxury Pavilion users have spent on average one million Chinese yuan ($159,000) on the luxury website since its launch. An astonishing amount, explained partly by the fact that, alongside fashion and beauty products, the website also sells luxury watches and cars.

One third of Luxury Pavilion users reportedly consists of consumers below the age of thirty and, even more notably, these users accounted for 45% of all purchases on the luxury site

Enough for Alibaba to emphasize that, in the next three years, its priority will be strengthening the group’s connection with this posse of young luxury consumers.

Luxury Pavilion is a tool which allows brands to establish a link with these consumers, and to respond to their expectations by offering them a streamlined online shopping experience with the same quality and service they would enjoy in brick-and-mortar stores.”

Alibaba also announced that Luxury Pavilion customers will benefit from the services offered by the loyalty programme which is part of the website's recently launched New Retail initiative.

Site members will enjoy access to bespoke product offers, new payment options, priority deliveries, door-to-door returns and invitations to events. Premier members will have extra benefits, like a personal shopper service, a concierge service and access to premium spas.

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Source: Fashion e.Network