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You heard it first on SANDA



We wrote our first paper on INDIA for the top officials at ARMANI way back, post my Zegna market entry 3 year stint. SANDA was one of the first people, pitching the attractiveness of this market to luxury brands, Since then, I have always stated. O is for Opportunities, and O is for Obstacles in India. Although the size of the Indian market is very attractive and now with E-Commerce Goliaths reaching the massive consumer market at a faster speed to market bypassing the erstwhile infrastructure issues of 10 years ago of paucity of locations (yet the customs Duties are still high even post the GST (infact there is a lot of ambiguity) on the pricing structure because of the GST, followed by the licensing + regulations, and most importantly the prices to the end consumer, which can be 10-15 percent higher, but no more. 

Besides, India is a long-tail opportunity. 

We are preparing an updated 2017 version of our White paper on Getting Started in India for your brand releasing on Independence Day, August 15, 2017. 

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